What is Ask Talance?

In the Ask Talance Group series, our staff at Talance Group answers questions that others tend to avoid, to aid in transparently guiding clients and candidates to successful professional partnerships.

Testimonials From Our Webinars Participants

Thank you to your organization for providing these most helpful and necessary webinars on navigating the process of looking for your next job, especially for those of us out of work.

You are truly giving back to your community at a most critical time.

Dianne M.

I really enjoyed the webinar today.  All the presenters provided valuable information.  Transition between presenters was very good.  Slides were well laid out. I will definitely look at the asktalance.com website.  I referred one of my colleagues to the asktalance.com website.

Thanks again for your help in my job search process.

Jonathan G.

My thanks to you and all the other presenters for taking the time and effort to do this. It was definitely helpful!


Thanks for such an informative session. Please include me in your next webinar. Stay home and be safe.


Thanks so much for putting in the time and effort to help those seeking new opportunities!


Talance came through as genuine, honest and professionals. That was the reason I stayed connected for the entire webinar. Great job. Keep it up.